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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a payday advance?

Payday advances are a quick & easy short term loan for people needing money if they are unable to wait until their next payday.

I have bad credit, no credit, or filed bankruptcy, can I still apply?

Yes! We know many individuals may suffer from credit problems, but we understand that the past is the past. Many of our current customers have filed bankruptcy before, and we will always try and do our best to get you approved.

How much will a payday advance cost me?

Costs may vary depending on the state. Call one of our Southern California branches nearest you for details.

Is my payday advance confidential?

Yes! Payday advances are always completely confidential and protected by our Company Privacy Policy.

Can I get more than one payday advance at a time?

We can only issue one payday advance at a time, but just as soon as we get confirmation that your account has been paid in full, you may request another loan!

How do I pay off my payday advance?

Just "pick up" your check on your due date. Pay us cash or money order for the full amount of the check, and your account is paid.

If you're unable to pick up your check on the due date, we'll simply deposit your check for you. Once we have confirmation that your check has cleared our bank account, you can request another payday advance anytime you like.

Contact us in Los Angeles, California, to eliminate the stress in your life with our invaluable payday loans.